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Aug 4, 2011
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When Sugarfree announced their breakup last January, it was a sad time for sentimental rockers. It was goodbye “Telepono,” adios “Mariposa,” hasta la vista “Burnout.” It was a blow to Pinoy Rock, sure but there must come a point where you suck things up and tell yourself: “Hey, Ima pull myself out of this hell hole!” And that’s exactly what former front man Ebe Dancel did with his most recent album Dalawang Mukha Ng Pag-ibig.   

                                                    Yup. Definitely out of the hell hole.

The singer songwriter admits that the album was founded on how love can either take you to the heavens or make you feel like shit. With the help of Warner Music Philippines, Dancel has put together a double-disc album–the B-side being acoustic–featuring the most talented musicians in the industry (Kakoy Legaspi, Francis Brew to name a few).

We were treated to a special listening party where 5 tracks from the album were previewed, and we must say, Ebe is back with a new bag of tricks. Although some would consider the music a throwback to Sugarfree, we beg to differ. This is something else. Not necessarily better, not necessarily worse, just something new that has a lot of heart. It will be an experience that is sure to poke and prod you with cathartic lyrics and drown you in aural ecstasy. We take you through 5 of the songs, like, right now.

Ebe says: “This song came at a time when I wanted to move on to other things.”

FHM says: The album’s carrier single is a heartfelt ballad about seizing time. In classic Ebe form, the wailing vocals hit that sweet spot. The hook of the somg lies in its simplicity, but Dexter Aguila’s work on the drums in this track takes the forefront, giving the tune an unexpected punch. With lyrics like: “Kung kaya ko lang/kung di pa naman huli/maari ba tayong magsimula muli” the song is bound to be ringing between your ears. Is he singing about his former band or maybe some girl from the past; what or whom he’s singing about, we have no clue and we could care less.

“Isang Probinsyano sa Maynila”
Ebe says: “Sinulat ko to dahil nung nagsimula ako mag-aral sa Manila, nagulat ako sa gulo ng traffic, pag-komyut at ingay ng siyudad.”

FHM says: Growing up with a father whose work forced the family to move from one province to another, this is one of the more cheery tracks of the bunch “Isang Probinsyano” plays out like a narrative of everything we love about the city. Ebe sings about the concrete jungle in such a way that you’ll see why the Metro has so much character. A sort of “Englishman in New York”–but localized.

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