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Jun 11, 2010
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We’re all mightily anticipating the start of the tournament, which is about a day away as we write this. Nations and countries competing aside, we do have bits and pieces of interesting hearsays for each team.

Here are five little things about the World Cup that crossed our minds: the inside, outside, and the middle of the soccer festivities we’re not about to be bothered with come the referee’s whistle. A perfect reason we’re giving you the scoop on this information now.

Wayne Rooney’s Temper
England has got a perennial superstar in Wayne Rooney. The wrinkle, however, is that they inherited the man’s otherworldly ego as well.

While Englishmen have always been physical in nature, Rooney has not been one to contain himself even in the most crucial of times.

His 2006 FIFA World Cup dispute with Portugal stalwart and this year’s poster boy Cristiano Ronaldo has led to his early exit in the game, resulting to England’s elimination and Ronaldo’s costly departure from Manchester United.

Why is this attention-worthy? Barely days before the 2010 opener and Rooney has already been getting warnings for insulting the referee. Now is that exciting or what.

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