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Dec 23, 2010
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Not even the Grinch can stop the holiday fever. Being with family and friends, sharing a good meal, and going on an alcoholic binge or two are always the norm come December.

But for those of you grinching out because you can’t seem to keep up with the Christmas buzz, may we interest you in Christmas cinema wonder?

Instead of infecting everyone’s merriment and being a killjoy, how about you stay in, pop in one of these Christmas films, and be reminded of just how fun this holiday can actually be. We’re laying off Home Alone! Promise!

The Ref
Starring Denis Leary, Judy Davis, and the always-entertaining Kevin Spacey, this 1994 comedy will have you laughing your ass off. When the Chasseurs (Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis), a normal suburban family, are held hostage by a cat burglar (Leary) on Christmas Eve, the importance of family and values take light.

Be reminded of just how normal your family really is when issues of this family’s dysfunctional nature force the burglar take the role of referee and show this misguided unit what truly matters in life.

Why see it:
A few gunshots and good-hearted villains will prompt you into giving your siblings and parents a Christmas hug. Tear.

Mixed Nuts
They say that the suicide rate spikes up drastically during Christmas season. In Mixed Nuts, funny man Steve Martin gets more than what he bargained for when a quirky cast of characters invades his crisis hotline company.

The psych-ward-worthy bunch with the likes of a transsexual, pregnant couple, a spinster, and a very young Adam Sandler singing with a ukulele find comfort and friendship in the midst of a murderous spree courtesy of the seaside strangler during the Christmas Holidays.

Why see it: Because nothing sheds difference and says, “we are all equal” like a Steve Martin film from the 90s, plus, it just might stop you from downing that bottle of Sleepasil and chasing it with some eggnog.

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