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Jun 3, 2010
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Minus the "The," Killers is also the name of a band who gave us Pinoys the middle finger when they disbanded right before their concert here. [firstpara]
Fans of Ashton Kutcher or Katherine Heigl should also happen to know that Killers is the name of Hollywood’s newest rom-com that comes out this Friday in local cinemas.


Killers is about a heartbroken woman (Heigl) who goes all emo on the world until she finally finds the man of her dreams (Kutcher).

In typical Hollywood fashion, the two get married quickly. Fast forward a couple years to the future, and everything is still, surprisingly pleasant.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a movie if it just ended that way. Soon, Kutcher’s past as a hitman catches up to him, and hired gunmen disrupt their peace and spray bullets at their home.

Looks like Kutcher punk’d the wrong guy this time. You know who else we wouldn’t dare punk? These women on the list below. These killer babes are sexy, and deadly in ways you wouldn’t find sexy.


Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill
Looks: Has that irresistible schoolgirl charm. Very Japanese-looking (probably because she’s actually Japanese).

Has the haircut of a doll complete with the doll bangs. The short skirt she wears makes it very tempting to take a look at what’s underneath.

Skills: Quite proficient with the katana, and even deadlier when swinging chains with spiked balls attached to them. Can be extremely dangerous to the men who keep trying to peek at her panties while she’s fighting.

Psychotic factor: We’ll let this video do the talking.

Keka in Keka
Looks: Has really big boobs. Rumored to be a former FHM covergirl.

Skills: Knows how to flaunt her assets in a manner that would make Pamela Anderson blush. Can be very devious, which is most definitely, unlike most women. Has a very wild imagination when it comes to murder.

Psycho factor: Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned, they say, and Keka was a woman scorned. She only vows revenge on her boyfriend’s murderers, which makes her craziness a little more justifiable.

Cathy Manalo in Gamitan
Looks: Like a soon-to-to-be-former president we know. Also rumored to be a former FHM covergirl.

Skills: Has roughly the same set of skills as Keka. Uses sex appeal to get what she wants from men. Again, totally unlike most hot women.

Psycho fator: She’s the kind of woman that all men are scared of: the kind that vows murder on her bastard of an ex-boyfriend. To her defense, her ex-boyfriend in the movie did play her for a fool by revealing that he only wooed her as a part of a sick bet with his pals.