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May 12, 2011
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With Fast Five still creating buzz in the theaters, there was no way we’d let the moment pass without creating some sort of list. The fifth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise has grossed over 85 million worldwide, breaking records and is garnering critical acclaim from reviewers. The franchise is popular for delivering intense car sequences involving pimped-out rides and swagerrific wheels either exploding or in high-octane action.

For Fast Five, it's a Best Car Chase list that listmasters will turn to. And FHM.com.ph was gonna do that, too. Except TIME.com beat us to it with an awesome roster they prepared (Damn you TIME!). So we take the detour and make a list of car fail scenes in cinema. Here's hoping you enjoy the comedy of car failures as much as you enjoy the car chase speed.

1. Up in Smoke
There’s no doubt that if you put two stoners in a car, they’re going to light up and hotbox the damn vehicle. And that’s exactly what happens in Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke. When the two stoner buds spark a fatty in Cheech’s car, they end up so high that they believe they’re still cruising. When the smoke airs out, our favorite baked-out buddies themselves parked in front of a post.

EPIC FAIL: When they say, “Don’t drink and drive” well, I guess the same rule goes for when you’re smoking the good leaf. Too much of it might just steer you towards an accident or worse towards prison.

2. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion
There’s nothing more exciting than going on a road trip with your best friend and in this film best friends Romy and Michelle make their way to Tucson for a high school reunion. Before landing a snazzy top down, Romy performs fake sexual favors for the owner, landing her and Michelle a ride. But as they kickoff their trip–to Kenny Loggin’s "Footloose" no less–their car starts backfiring.

EPIC FAIL: If you’re already going to perform pseudo-sexual favors for a set of wheels, then might as well have the dude give the heap of junk a tune-up to avoid situations such as this.

3. Final Destination 2
We hear at FHM.com.ph enjoy our fair share of blood and guts and the opening sequence of Final Destination 2 delivers car-gore madness like no other. When Kimberly has a premonition that a highway mishap is going to turn into a chain reaction of car accidents while on a trip with her friends, she causes a scene, allowing them to evade the chaos. But as you know in all the other films of this franchise, they all still end up getting a visit from the angel of death.

EPIC FAIL: The accident starts with a loose piece of wood from a freight truck that smashes into a cop car that then kills a motorcycling dude and so on and so forth. Don’t tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Leave enough space just in case a random piece of lumber decides to fly through the windshield of the car in front of you. Plus, we know AC/DC totally rocks but don’t listen to "Highway to Hell" while in the car. That’s just asking for trouble.


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