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Sep 1, 2011
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Few bands ever stay around for long. At some point, their music stops being any good. At some point, we realize that the fancy hair and all those embellishments are merely a trick to make us think that their music was cool. At some point too, some member of the band feels the curious, irrepressible urge to fade away into obscurity by pursuing a solo career.

Those are just a few reasons why bands split up. Reasons that apply to most bands, which Red Hot Chili Peppers definitely is not.

Fresh from an RHCP high that was their concert in Hongkong, we’re about to get a shot in the arm again as the band has released their newest album I’m With You last August 30. And initial reviews have noted that it’s nothing short of what we’ve come to expect from these funky, gnarly rock stars who have aged as well as anyone could in this industry.

And you know what else we've come to expect from them? Wild, sometimes incomprehensible music videos on a head trip. To celebrate their tenth album, we're going to turn our attention to those videos, and identify seven rock-out moves that the music videos of RHCP have taught us.

1) The move: The Temper Tantrum 
As seen in: “True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes” (1984)
See the move at: 3:26 – 3:32

How to do it: Jump as high as possible with legs apart. Crumble like a tower as you land. Roll around, kick, and punch uncontrollably like a spoiled girl who didn’t get the right doll for her birthday.

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