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Aug 12, 2010
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Step Up 3D, the third installment of the popular dance movie, is already looking the most crazy hot of the Step Up movie series.

Gorgeous dancer chick Alyson Stoner is now all grown up, reprising her role as Camille Gage, the lead character’s little sister in 2006’s Step Up.

The plot revolves around Camille and Moose, both headed to University of New York with hopes of a promising new life only to discover that dance battles are as common in NYC as it is in Baltimore.

As much as we love witnessing street dance battles for which the Step Up movies are known, one thing we always look forward to is its always-insane soundtrack. Here, the likes of Flo Rida, Trey Songz, and David Guetta lend their songs all throughout the movie.

The franchise is also known to cast beautiful up-and-coming dancers, which could be in a form of Australian model Sharni Vinson this time around. Check her out in the film’s trailer:

Perennial newcomers Alyson and Sharni both have massive potential to pursue a blossoming career stemming from dance movies, thanks to their dose of dancer’s sex appeal and pure breed talent. Much like the ladies included on this list.