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Stars: Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder
It’s a cartoon, but not one kids should see (though evil kids would!). This one’s based on Philip K. Dick’s ‘70s sci-fi, psycho novel about getting high! It’s set in Orange County, California, 1994, and is thoroughly immersed in the druggie culture. It starts with junkie Bob Arctor (Reeves), who gets addicted to Substance D—a psychoactive drug that causes the hemispheres of the brain to independently go haywire at will. With his brain, well, having a mind of their own, Bob turns into a nutcase. To sweeten his dementia, there’s Donna (Ryder) the dealer and his love. The lethal combination of love ‘n’ drugs pushes our junkie into a lethal thrill ride. We’re giving the brains behind this film, headed by Richard Linklater, the FHM thumbs up for using the rotoscoping technology—a masochistic process if you ask us. Why? Because it involves shooting the whole thing in live action only to have the entire footage painted over.

- Tessa Dick, the author’s wife, mentions that it took Philip two weeks to write the story, and three years rewriting it. Did we mention that the novel is semi-autobiographical?

- Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson, both noted for drug issues, are also cast in the film.

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