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In the first season of HBO’s Rome, actors Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson gave viewers a chance to witness the world-changing events of Roman history through the eyes of everyday men. McKidd’s character, Lucius Vorenus, was the embodiment of the steadfast Roman soldier, a cool, savvy and determined officer who did his duty no matter what. By contrast, Stevenson’s Titus Pullo was a creature of impulse, a fearless, hot-blooded warrior governed by his appetites and prone to get into all sorts of trouble.

But these seeming opposites were united by one thing: a deep, unbreakable friendship that made them true brothers in arms. During the first season of Rome, for example, Pullo found himself facing almost certain death after committing a typically thoughtless (and murderous) act, only to be saved by the heroism of Vorenus.

In season two, however, Vorenus and Pullo may be trading places. With their worlds turned upside down, both men undergo startling changes. At the end of the first season, Vorenus seemed to lose everything he holds dear, while Pullo looked forward to building a more stable, settled life with his new wife, the former slave girl Eirene.