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Universal Records
Amongst 2005’s big band blowout, Bloc Party was one of the bands who enjoyed both commercial and critical success. Two years later, the band still can’t seem to stop with the seriousness, sincerity or yes, even earnestness. Weekend takes off where Silent Alarm left off: flighty guitar inserts that actually give songs their personality, solid rhythms that has singer Kele’s back covered, and that unmistakable hip vibe. It’s a good thing that the instrumentation is so good that it takes the spotlight away from the scattered lyrics. The band clearly moves forward here, spewing out big epic songs (worthy of an arena) while putting a more personal touch to their themes. Some like “The Prayer,” “SRXT,” and “Waiting for the 7.18” are moving to say the least. But others, like “Uniform” seem too self-important. Still, positives outweigh the negatives in Weekend. Hear it out. – Lou Albano

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