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Jul 24, 2015
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Electro-pop girl group ADAM from the Netherlands finally has the answer to this age-old question: "Can you sing while having an orgasm?"

Anna Speller, Suzanne Kipping, and Sanne den Besten—three members of this five-woman unit—filmed themselves singing their song "Go To Go" while simultaneously being stimulated down there and put the video on YouTube. The result is fascinating and oddly arousing, which has led to more than 16 million views since being uploaded in May 7, 2014.

Hitting the notes properly might not be as easy when the proper buttons are being pushed:

Video via ADAM

Following the release of the video, music site Noisey interviewed the three girls. Anna (the one with the dark, curly locks) recalled, "It requires a lot of focus, your voice goes all over the place, so you have to focus on your voice as well as the other stuff that’s going on in your body." Sanne (the one with the red hair) added: "Towards the end I didn’t have the focus to sing anymore, there were also people watching which felt very strange."

In the same interview, Suzanne (the blonde) revealed that the music video was inspired by another series on YouTube: "It was inspired by the viral video art series 'Hysterical Literature.' There was a recent video where they got women to read their favorite piece of literature while going through an orgasm. That was our main inspiration."

In turn, the orgasmic music video inspired a parody that also answers another age-old question: "Can you sing while having an orgasm—if you are a guy?"

Video via Backpackers

Up for the challenge, bro?