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Sep 9, 2014
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Frankenstein, Dracula, The Walking Dead, The Kraken: These monsters from different walks of life were designed to be scary. While they have captured our imagination through the years, they are also fictional—unlike the ones to be featured in Animal Planet's Monster Week. 

On Monster Week, set to take place from September 15 to 21, the creatures you'll see aren't artificial creations. They're real, and they're nature's way of showing us that it can come up with some pretty nasty fellas as well. Over-the-top tales of beasts that lurk below water and stalk on land and stories of dangerous man-eating reptiles and mammals will be on full display nightly from 9 p.m. to midnight. 

Think you're up for it? Have a look at our preview of the four new shows premiering for the Animal Planet special, and see if you're up for a week of Lolong The Giant Croc-like proportions!

1)   Ten Deadliest Snakes

In this three-part series hosted by British wildlife adventurer, Nigel Marven, the snapping jaws and vicious fans of the world's most lethal serpents take center stage. From United States, Costa Rica to Africa, Nigel hops from one continent to another in search of spitting cobras, the notorious puff adder, and the world's fastest snake, the black mamba.  

The anaconda isn't one of the featured snakes in the series, but to illustrate the balls of this man (not literally), here's a video of him, wrestling with one in the Amazon:

In case you get bitten by a venomous snake: If you ever find yourself at the business end of a snake fang, the first aid procedures involve slowing down the toxin. Put the afflicted area in a tourniquet, and then add a splint to minimize movement. The idea is to compress the area, and slow down the venom until professional help arrives.

Showing on: Monday, September 15, 9 p.m.

Nature's Most Wanted: Croczilla

We had our own version of Croczilla in Lolong, once the largest croc ever in captivity at six meters. Unfortunately for lizard-lovers, he died last year.

For those among us that wanted to see Lolong but never got the chance to do so, we'll just have to settle with Nature's Most Wanted: Croczilla. In the show, we join wildlife cameramen Jim and Jason as they hunt for a 4.5-meter croc called Croczilla. The giant reptile has been tormenting a local village in the Caribbean Republic of Belize, and Jim and Jason have taken it upon themselves to investigate the attacks and track down the beast.


Like the Lolong situation in Agusan in 2011, the locals in Belize have already threatened to kill the animal. Jim and Jason's mission is to prevent that, and instead, capture the animal.

In case of a croc attack: No one ever wants his arm to be half-gobbled by a crocodile. But in case such an incident happens, the best thing to do is to hit the croc's most sensitive parts with your (hopefully still intact) other arm. Stab its eyes with your thumb, pierce its ears, and hit its nose, in that order. The croc also has a palatal valve behind the tongue, which you can try to pry open with your trapped arm.

Showing on: September 16, Tuesday, 9 p.m.

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