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Marketers love Friday the 13th, if only for the reason that it’s a great day to release movies about the apocalypse, the devil’s offspring, or anything wherein really bad things happen to the world. November 13 is a Friday the 13th, and surprise, surprise that’s also the release date of the end-world movie 2012.

2012  is based on the premise that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, taking the world with it through various balls-shattering, and, predictably crowd-decimating calamities. According to Mayan records 2010 is marked as the 13th “baktun” (a period of time roughly translating to 144,000 days), and on said date in December 2012, something really, really bad is set to occur. 2012's trailer should show an approximation of what might happen on that fateful date:

Given that that’s still a couple years from now, here are three apocalyptic scenarios from movies that will give you something to worry about until then! What fun!

Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The scenario: Climate change, extreme edition, ushers in the new Ice Age. Number of sightings of a trio made up of a mammoth, saber tooth tiger, and a blabbering sloth: zero.

Could it happen?
The short of it is yes, it could happen. In fact it is already happening. A majority of the scientific community agrees that global warming and climate change is true; global temperatures have risen by 1°F over the past century, and continue to rise at a rapid rate.