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May 8, 2013
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War games. What are they good for?

Well, since the days of Counter Strike, a whole lot of ratratan fun, apparently.

Today, the future of firepower comes in the form of Level Up! Games’ newest online first-person shooting bonanza, the aptly-titled, Assault Fire. Developed by Chinese gamemaker Tencent Games, the bullets have started to fly as the game enters its closed-beta testing (CBT) phase. Anyone who’s looking to let off some steam through digital gun violence can now log on to the official site, www.assaultfire.ph, where one can download and install the game client, then register.

Level Up! has also confirmed that there will be no character wipes once the game moves from closed beta to open beta.

What can gamers expect? Assault Fire will boast of flashy visuals, engaging game modes such as the Mech and Mutant Matches, and an RPG-like skill system that lets you build your soldier character the way you want to. If in, say, Gears Of War, you played the role of buff, trash-talking soldiers fighting off the Locust scum, Assault Fire will pit the government-sanctioned unit G.S.D.U. or the renegade group Resistance, against an increasingly violent gallery of mutants, and monsters.

Here's a preview of all the violence awaiting all gamers:

At your disposal is an equally destructive line-up of high-tech weaponry and giant Mechs. So if you’re frothing at the mouth for the movie Pacific Rim, Assault Fire should tide you over and then some with its sheer firepower, and as mentioned, big robot thingies. And did we mention it’s free-to-play?

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