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May 10, 2013
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Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Baked a cake, yet? No? Well, you’re not alone. So caught up were we with preparations for the upcoming elections that we might have skipped that part where we’re supposed to give back to the one (half) who gave us the precious chance to bum around and get wasted make our mark in this world.

Also, we don’t know how to bake.

What we’re quite capable of is making mixtapes. So this week, our office crushes will have to wait, because this week, we’re givin’ birth to a smattering of tunes for yo mama, our momma, yo momma’s momma’s momma, and, well, you get the drill.

Beatles – “In My Life”
From The Band With A Song For Every Occasion

This song says: There’s a room in your heart with a sign hanging on the door which reads: “For Mom Only.” (Aww.)  

Fatboy Slim – “Ya Mama”
The Best Thing That Ever Came Out Of Anything That Began With “Ya Mama”

This song says: Shake what ya mama gave you. Unless what ya mama gave you is a can of coke.

Aloe Blacc – “Mama Hold My Hand”
A Touching Tune Of Showing Thanks

This song says: When you were younger, and didn’t know how to cross the streets yet, it was your mom’s hand that provided guidance. Soon, when she’s old and weak, it’s your hand she wants to be able to count on. So always keep your hand clean, buddy.

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