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Jan 20, 2014
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It ain’t easy to find funny women. But finding funny women who are also incredibly hot and sexy? That’s an entirely different spectrum of difficulty. They’re like unicorns. Or credible Cristy Fermin articles.

This month, however, we here at FHM got extremely lucky. We didn’t have to cross oceans and mountains to find girls who can genuinely crack us up, while also firing up our insides. We landed on our glossy covers Banana Nite’s titillating trio of Aiko Climaco, Jef Gaitan, and Sunshine Garcia. Not bad, eh?

They, however, aren’t the first ones to capitalize on their rare combination of humor and steaminess. Throughout the years, Philippine TV has had its fair share of sexy comediennes, all of whom we like to ogle at while getting a stomach cramp at the same time.

Let’s take a quick trip down funny and fiery memory lane and visit the most memorable sizzling jokesters of Pinoy TV!


 With her Hollywood looks and adorable accent, Maria Teresa easily enamored audiences in the 1980s. She had the Fil-Am charm that Pinoys go gaga for, being born in Manila but growing up in San Francisco. Think of her as a much earlier and livelier version of Vanessa del Bianco (remember her?).

Carlson's "Si ako, si ikaw" antics even landed her the
lead role in TVJ's Si Ako at Tres Musketeros movie

A former beauty queen, she is mostly known for her recurring role on the hit sitcom Chicks to Chicks with Freddie Webb and Nova Villa. Her cute bulol moments were a staple of her comedic scenes. If you hear your mom say “Si ako, si ikaw” to your aunt during reunions, you have Maria Teresa to blame as she popularized that line on the show. Sadly, things didn’t end happily for her. She committed suicide in 2001.


If anyone should know about Frieda, it should be Aiko and Sunshine. Because just like them, she started off as a sexy dancer before making a mark in comedy. Frieda first mesmerized fans after winning the “Body Language” dance contest on the '80s noontime show Student Canteen. But aside from her gorgeous gyrations, she was also a natural comic.

Here’s the now-Dr. Frieda Brookshire (sosyal!) with former FHM hottie Janelle So

With her comedic potential, she was given a role on the show T.O.D.A.S., headlined by Joey de Leon, Jimmy Santos, and Val Sotto. Her expressive eyes and bubbly character were her calling cards on the show for nine solid years. When her showbiz career was over, she migrated to the United States, where she’s now an acclaimed dentist in California. From dancer to comedienne to dentist—talk about multi-faceted! 



With her kanto girl charm and, well, seemingly hypnotic bosom, Janice knew how to capitalize on her oozing sex appeal. A former nightclub dancer and stand-up comic, she became a household name (quite aptly) on the RPN-9 sitcom Duplex in 1982. She played a slow, incompetent maid named Liweng alongside the late Ading Fernando (Daddy Groovy!) and Marissa Delgado.

Janice on the big screen with her big mammaries

Another memorable show of Janice was Eh Kasi Babae with Johnny Wilson and Gloria Diaz. She was hilarious as Candy, a feisty, wisecracking secretary at a design firm. The show further cemented her status as one of the most bankable comediennes in the '80s with her captivating physique and adorable persona. Sadly, she spiraled into drugs and alcoholism when her shine started to fade. She now lives a quiet life in Quezon City.

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