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Jul 5, 2013
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It used to be so rare to come across a movie with young, scantily-clad ladies, and not find a likeable character that the men would crush on and the women could relate to.

Well, not anymore.

Welcome to Bad Girls, Inc., where theft and drug abuse are as rampant as selfies and self-loathing, where hair extensions and hair-raising acts of sexual promiscuity are given equal importance, and materialism and hedonism are uploaded onto social media for your voyeuristic pleasure.

Rounding up this crew is the cast of The Bling Ring and Spring Breakers, two films about nasty Lolitas that take the concept of rebellion to Avicii levels of irresponsibility. In the former, Harry Potter alum Emma Watson stars as Nicki Moore. She leads the cast of director Sofia Coppola’s retelling of the ascent and descent of a ring of spoiled LA brats who robbed Hollywood stars like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. Based on real events and taking its cue from the Vanity Fair article “The Suspects Wore Louboutins,” it’s an oft-quiet, but noisy-where-it-counts dramatic thriller that mocks and makes light of the pitfalls of the Chanel-hungry youth obsessed with celebrity culture.

But enough talk, just watch the trailer (we promise lots of Emma Watson-fueled eye candy):


Spring Breakers, on the other tattooed hand, takes former Disney princesses Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, and pairs them up with Ashley Benson of TV’s Pretty Little Liars, and director Harmony Korine’s daughter Rachel Korine to make up Faith, Candy, Brit, and Cotty—four friends sick of their mediocre trailer-trash lives, who decide to escape to Miami for Spring Break, courtesy of a robbery they swiftly pulled off.

Now here's the trailer for an Insta-boner:


There are noticeable parallelisms between the two movies, both being dubbed as “zeitgeist films” by mainstream media for their frenetic portrayal of #YOLO culture gone berserk. But we just think that both movies are kind of fun, in a sick kind of way. To weed out the knockouts from the knock-offs, go to the next page for a comparison of The Bling Ring and Spring Breakers. And if you enjoy the sight of barely-there swimsuits and micro-minis, you’ll enjoy taking a peek into the lives of these bad girlies.

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