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Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou
On the heels of his amazing performance in the Scorsese-helmed The Departed, DiCaprio graces the screen anew as Danny Archer, a South African mercenary out to recover a rare pink diamond that will ensure his dream stature of being rich and famous.

But as all classic action-adventures go, Archer carries with him a partner—a sidekick of sorts. Solomon Vandy (Hounsou), a fellow African, is the only living person who knows where the precious bling can be found. Help, however, comes at a high price, as in exchange for Solomon’s tour guide-like duty, Danny promises to help locate his family, who have been kidnapped and brainwashed by rebel forces. With the help of American journalist Maddy Bowen (Connelly), who’s, as expected, totally smitten by the charms of Danny, the duo treks through civil war crossfire in search of the one thing they both believe can change their lives.

Political, gritty, and action-packed, The Blood Diamond weaves this three characteristics together and comes up with a story set against the backdrop of political instability in 1990’s Sierra Leone, ultimately showcasing the perils undergone by every citizen affected by it and the lengths they are willing to pursue to escape this man-made hell.

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