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Stars: Adam Sandler, David Hasselhoff, Christopher Walken, Kate Beckinsale
How we relate to this: A working class dog, name of Michael Newman (Sandler)—architect—gets too tied to his job because his boss (Hasselhoff) is a pain in the ass. Newman’s family becomes least priority as he struggles to maintain his corporate foothold—and this, sadly, makes our drone’s wife fume. Until one bizarre day when Michael finds himself in a DIY store. At the Way Beyond section, he meets an eccentric inventor named Morty (Walken). The creative loon hands him a remote control that supposedly freezes time. And what do you know, our hero takes it home and it works! He can no rewind, fast-forward, and pause his own life, at his whim. Could’ve been the best thing that’s ever happened to our hero—but things go wrong, as they always do.


- Half-Pinoy Rob Schneider often makes cameo appearances on Sandler’s films. Yes, he is on Click, too.

- Michael Newman (Sandler) and his wife Donna Newman's (Beckinsale) song is revealed to be Linger by The Cranberries. And speaking of cameo appearances, Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, makes an appearance as a wedding singer singing the song.

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