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Nov 26, 2013
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Discovery Channel’s You Have Been Warned is back for its second season! Yes folks, that fun, exciting series that handpicks the craziest, most amazing videos on the Internet and attempts to dissect the science behind them is back.

The 14-part series will continue to show the cleverest, funniest, most daring, outrageous or simply bizarre clips—with one episode dedicated entirely to videos specially selected by Discovery Channel fans. Through amazing storytelling graphics and a stellar panel of the globe's finest science experts, the show unravels the what, how, and why of the biology, physics, and chemistry that made these videos possible.

You might remember some of these gems that we wrote about last year for the show’s debut season:

1) The world’s most sipon-inducing sili:


2) These awesome (and batshit crazy) Red Bull wingsuit daredevils:


3) A way to send your friend to la-la-land through tickling:


As you may all know, we’re the type that wastes an absurd amount of time on YouTube scanning for, well, mostly nothing. Sometimes, we end up with cool viral vids which we feature in our “Da Best Of YouTube” section. What You Have Been Warned comes up with though are the stuff that make us go, “Ang boring siguro ng life without YouTube!”

So without further ado, why not a preview of the spectacular things you’ll see on the show? Check them out below:

1) Chinese monk throws a needle through glass without shattering it


Our explanation: Kung-fu guys have always had special superpowers. Who knows what kind of ninja shit they’ll come up with next? All we know is, we ain’t letting this guy perform acupuncture on us.

2) Chinese woman writes with both hands…AT THE SAME TIME


Our explanation: Thousands and thousands of hours of practice. Since she is Chinese, she’s most likely a kung-fu practitioner as well, which practically explains everything. She can write poetry and articles simultaneously, and it was a skill that she developed out of her need to complete a lot of English assignments back in elementary.

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