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Aug 17, 2017
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While most of us are dying to replace our old stuff, some people actually find great value in antique items. They are called "pickers"—individuals who buy obsolete pieces for reselling and collecting.

In the country, we have one in rapper Krazykyle with his assortment of rare finds from the '80s and '90s. Meanwhile, there is even a show dedicated to the art of picking called American Pickers on the History channel, which stars professionals Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.

One of the prominent figures in the reality series was gracious enough to drop by the recent History Con 2017, which was basically a picker's haven. After meeting Pinoy bladesmith Ryu Lim and professional dunker Jordan KilganonFHM also had a quick chat with the stunning Danielle Colby—manager of Mike's Antique Archaeology store—about their intriguing venture and being labeled the 'Queen of Rust.'

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