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May 20, 2013
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Six more days until Deftones revisits our shores for another unforgettable night on May 26 at the World Trade Center! And because we’re damn excited for that night, here are six songs to jog your memories with and turn up the heat of your excitement to scorching highs.

1) "Cherry Waves" (Saturday Night Wrist, 2006)
“The waaaaves suck you in/ and you drown” The intro, the smooth entrance of the guitars, and Chi Cheng’s best bass lines. We could go on and on why we all want this song to be played on Sunday. Not just a sweet serenade to the romantic affair fans have had with the band since the beginning, "Cherry Waves" is the perfect song to play for the memory of their fallen bassist.

2) "Goon Squad" (Koi No Yokan, 2012)
One of the heavier songs in the new album, "Goon Squad" is the right song to be heard in the middle of the concert—when everyone is already hyped-up, sweating, and fist-bumping the air like the band members are “homies.” The crowd will become the bands’ literal Goon Squad if they do play this on Sunday.

3) "Battle-Axe" (Deftones, 2003)
Head-bang wise, we all want this song to be played on Sunday. It has the rhythm and feel that makes every concert-goer go loose and allow the surge of adrenaline do all the reacting (and slamming).  It takes us back to those lined-knee-high-socks-Converse-khaki-shorts days. Yes, for both girls and boys, if you took being a religious Deftones fan to that level.

NEXT: "Teenager", "Tempest", and "Needles And Pins"

For ticket inquiries call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit www.ticketworld.com.ph