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Jul 17, 2013
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It’s quite safe to say that Johnny Depp has been resting on his laurels (and kooky costumes and even kookier makeup) when it comes to the roles he has been choosing to portray. What were once lauded as quirky, offbeat acts of thespian panache has now grown tired and old. Not to be all nega about it, but we’re sick of the makeup and of his weird rock star infused caricatures passing off as entertaining protagonists.

To be frank, we’re getting sick of the Johnny Depp shtick. Lone Ranger, a movie remake of the Western pop-icon famous in the 1930s, where Depp plays Tonto, the Indian sidekick to the titular character, hits theaters this week, and we couldn’t help but notice a caked-faced Johnny D. overacting (yet again!), hiding behind the loony physical attributes of his Native American character (he sports a dead bird for a hat for crying out loud!).

Here's the trailer:


We miss the old Johnny Depp. The mysterious guy that made us want to have scissors for fingers and win the admiration of a young Winona Ryder. The bad boy who, despite the difficult material presented to him, took on roles that dealt with abusing psychedelic drugs (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), the isolating effects of familial dysfunction (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?), and even the follies of being America’s most wanted criminal (Public Enemies).

We want to see Johnny play a role where he is stripped to the bare essentials. A troubled husband, maybe? A struggling alcoholic musician? A hero of contemporary times even? Anything, which for him would be considered out-of-the-box.

In an attempt to analyze the Johnny Depp phenomenon, we’ve created a challenge for the actor, pitting some of his outrageous roles with the more nuanced (which for Depp isn’t really subtle at all), and then compared and contrasted his successes and his pitfalls. Johnny Depp, if you’re reading this, we want you back and raring!

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