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Jan 17, 2013
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The party's gettin’ crazier with Capcom’s latest, DmC: Devil May Cry, which is a reboot of the hyperactive demon-hunting Dante-led series. Helmed by England-based devs Ninja Theory, fans of the franchise will immediately notice the game's Westernized flavor,  though the intense, no-rest-for-the-wicked slash-and-shoot-em-up gameplay remains intact.

As for style and aesthetic changes, saying Dante’s redesign divided fans is putting it very kindly–the amount of hate it generated was enough to make a devil blush. We won’t pass judgment on the contemporary reimagining of Dante; instead let’s take a look at how his steeze has evolved throughout the series. (Chronologically, it’s a mess, the proper order of the games is—and take a deep breath—DMC3, DMC, DMC4 then DMC2, but we’ll do them in order of release here)

1) Devil May Cry (PS2, 2001)
DMC was initially developed as Resident Evil 4, hence Dante’s facial resemblance to Leon Kennedy i.e. pogi siya. He wears his white hair long, and has the stylishly parted bangs going on. Leather and buckles around his chest anchor his standout red coat. Overall, Dante is about being flash and cocky.

Winning accessory: His twin pistols, Ebony & Ivory

Dante’s heavily customized gats are the only weapons to have appeared in every installment of the series, the amount of customization in this pair probably makes them irreplaceable. Ebony dishes out long-range pain, while Ivory lays down a smothering curtain of lead.


2) Devil May Cry 2 (PS2, 2003)
A mature Dante gets some sleeves and coattails for his trench and reins in his hair a bit. The new, more somber Dante also ditches the flashy buckles for a black chestpiece and dons full-coverage gloves that scream serious business. His refined look evidence of a more professional demon hunter who’s been through it all.

Winning accessory: Rebellion

We can only wish we had pamanas as cool as this. This shape-shifting claymore is the physical representation of Dante’s power. It also has skulls, and we all know that skulls=edgy.


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