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Aug 20, 2013
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If there’s one thing we know in this life to be true, it’s this: Dragon Ball knows not the meaning of death. So many times series superman, Goku, has died, and so many times he has risen.

Last week, the series itself was resurrected with the release of, drumroll please, a new Dragon Ball Z movie! Okay, now everyone take a collective deep breath, and pick your jaw up from the floor.

Like an aging boxer who keeps coming back, the beloved anime has a new full-length movie out, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. It is the first Dragon Ball movie to be released in 17 years (the last one was the 10th anniversary feature in 1996). Excluding video games released in the past decade and the live-action movie whose existence we deny, Battle of Gods is the only new footage we have of the Z Warriors ever since the last series, Dragon Ball GT, concluded in 1997.

The plot of the film is set in the period after Frieza’s defeat and before the Cell saga. The God of Destruction, Birus, has learned of Frieza’s defeat at the hands of Goku who has just learned how to become the iconic Super Saiyan. Seeing Goku as a possible match to his own power, the God of Destruction (who looks like a Pokemon on steroids) challenges Goku to a fight.

We have yet to see it, but here’s a bold prediction: there will be lots of Kamehamehas.

If not? We will surely be disappointed. The kamehameha is a pillar of the series, which is why, we’ve now compiled here the most memorable ones we saw in the series. Yes, sometimes it takes an entire month to power up a kamehameha but it gets the job done. Aptly, we start with…  

10) Goku’s first-ever kamehameha


You never forget your first time. And we're pretty sure that no DB fan could ever forget the first time our favorite Saiyan tried out the iconic energy blast for the first time. A testament to Goku's unparalleled power, he successfully busted out the beam the very first time he tried it! What can we say? This alien's got some talent. 

9) Goku’s fires the kamehameha...from his feet


In the earlier parts of the series, the Z Warriors couldn't fly yet, Goku included. Being the crafty combatant that he is though, Goku channeled the energy beam through his feet much like a jet blast. Able to recover from then-enemy Picollo's strike, Goku propels himself upward to give the green menace a painful, painful hit with his fists. 

8) Gohan, Goku, and Goten perform the "Family Kamehameha" 



The Legendary Saiyan Broly is many times bigger, more powerful, and more psychotic than average Saiyans. So to beat him it takes not one, not two, but three super-powered kamehamehas from the trio of Goku and his sons Gohan and Goten in their Super Saiyan form. This only proves that the family that performs the kamehameha together, stays together. Or for that matter, vanquishes blonde nutjobs with arms the size of buses together.

NEXT: More kamehameha victims featuring Cooler, Cell, and yes, Broly again!