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Jun 11, 2013
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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest annual convention of the gaming industry, opened its doors today, June 11, at the Los Angeles Convention Center for a three-day exhibit of what we can expect from video games in the near future.

Anyone who has been privileged enough to be there (read: not us) has described the event as a loud, colorful extravaganza featuring our favorite game companies trying to outshine one another. They do it with booth babes, extremely large monitors, and, most important, the newest of new videogames.

This year serves to be the most special in years as we witness the dawning of new consoles, The Xbox One and the Sony PS4, both of which will be released late 2013, for $499 and $399 respectively.

With the arrival of these new consoles come a deluge of new games. Here are the 20 titles that really brought out the raving nerd in us. Get ready to press start!

1) Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Xbox 360/Xbox One

The popular bean-spewing zombie-blasting franchise branches out in a new direction, and turns over a new leaf as it grows into a third-person multiplayer action title. Think Gears Of War with fewer shades of brown, and with the different species of plants playable as different character classes.  

2) Elder Scrolls Online

PS4/Xbox One/PC

The incredibly popular (and time-sucking) series transforms as well, this time from being a single-player addiction into a MMORPG obsession. If you thought adventuring in the world of Tamriel alone was hard to put down, wait ‘til you do it with all your equally addicted friends.

Here’s the new trailer from E3:

3) Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the long-awaited action spin-off to Final Fantasy XIII, has evolved into Final Fantasy XV. Details are scarce regarding the name change and how the game has evolved since being announced waaay back in E3 2006. But from the new trailer below, we can expect the typical Final Fantasy eye candy our eyes have teared up for combined with gameplay that looks like a cross between sword-swinging titles Devil May Cry and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

4) Destiny


From the creators of the Halo series, come this post-apocalyptic, role-playing, first-person-shooting, open-world-exploring, sci-fi action game. Okay, now breathe. If it sounds ambitious, it’s because merging several games into one is a pretty enormous task. We’re used to “epic,” but this next-generation game might just redefine that.

5) Mad Max

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC

Speaking of post-apocalyptic, here’s a game based on the 1979 dystopic film Mad Max, starring a Mel Gibson embroiled in extreme cases of road rage and a massive energy shortage. Developed by the guys behind the open-world title Just Cause 2, think of it as Fallout with more biker gangs.


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