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Aug 3, 2015
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In the past few weeks we've been #blessed with glorious viral dance videos from ABS-CBN stars Maja Salvador and Ella Cruz.

You're missing half of your life if you still haven't seen Maja twerking her heart out better than Miley—and doing it again—with Ella following suit with her own twerky creation quite as enticing as the former's.

The Kapamilya Network is surely reaping the benefits of all the mileage it is getting from these two, with their respective videos either flooding our news feed or landing a spot among the top local Twitter trending topics.

So it's really a no-brainer to, as they say, keep the ball rolling, particularly with Maja who, for the third time, took to the ASAP dance floor to Fifth Harmony's "Worth It," once again with (the luckiest sumbitch) Enrique Gil, and set it ablaze:

Video via ABS-CBN Entertainment

If 2:12 didn't cause your jaw to drop, we aren't sure what will. And who isn't wishing for this to be a regular thing?

In Ella's case, while hers are mainly produced by herself (with some friends), it wouldn't take long before she catches the eye of the network bigwigs and allure persuade them to cook up something for her—a dance special, perhaps?

Here she is with a followup to her super viral "Twerk It Like Miley" release (5 million combined Facebook and YouTube views), mesmerizing netizens yet again to the tune of Korean artist Hyuna's "Red":

Video via Ella Cruz

While the "Dance Princess," with the "King of the Gil," is proving to be a killer combo, the touted "Teen Dance Princess" is slowly but surely making a name for herself in the groove department.

Instead of asking whose side are you on, why don't we just have them both in a single dance show (or preferably, a dance-themed cover)? What say you, ABS-CBN execs?