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Oct 30, 2013
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Explosions in the Sky
, a post-rock band hailing from Austin, Texas, is set to give us all a mind-blowing instrumental experience tonight, October 30, 2013, 7 p.m. in SM Aura’s Samsung Hall at Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig.

Explosions in the Sky (or EITS) is composed of Chris Hrasky on drums with Michael James, Munaf Rayani, and Mark Smith as a triple team on guitars. They formed the band all the way back in 1999, and released their debut album, How Strange, Innocence, in 2000. Now, even if you aren’t familiar with their studio work yet, you’ve probably heard them elsewhere–they scored the hit football film/TV series Friday Night Lights, and their music is a favorite for scoring documentaries, indie flicks, and even ads like Facebook’s first ever commercial:


The reason for EITS's relatively low profile presence is because their music doesn’t hook you like a club banger: there are no lyrics to memorize, as their work is strictly instrumental. At first listen, the gradual buildup of their lengthy tracks will make listeners weaned on radio edits restless. But stay a bit longer and they eventually blast off with stirring guitars and raw drumming.

There’s a “drop” too, just in a more transcendent rather than frantic-fist-pumping-in-the-air sort of way. If you think this is strictly hipster music, their 2011 album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care and its No.16 spot on the Billboard charts says hello.

It’s admittedly a tough sort of music to find though, what with no lyrics to Google or hum/mumble to your friends in desperation, so below are our picks to watch out for tomorrow and how to apply them to your life soundtrack:

1) For senti moments
“A Slow Dance”
No words, so you’re free to whisper sweet nothings into your gal’s ear without competition. We’d rather not have our ladies get any really sappy ideas by listening to Drake/Coldplay or something equally cheesy. Also totally works for… a slow dance (we’re sorry)


2) For when you're totally crushing your morning jog
“The Birth And Death Of The Day”
It builds up nice and steady, giving you just the right amount of pump for the first couple of hundred feet, then it peaks and you’re flying. Also, running around while mouthing lyrics (or worse, accidentally singing out loud in public) looks horrible.


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