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Aug 12, 2010
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If you’ve been strolling around our local channels, chances are you’ve probably had a glimpse of Amy Perez hosting a pre-noon talk show.
You watch it a little, and get startled as studio guests start to hurle the foulest of insults to each other. Physical altercations follow, and then you are reminded of Jerry Springer.

Without you knowing, you have probably taken pleasure in witnessing someone else’s dismay. It’s a terrible thing at first, but an entertaining one at the very least.

Amy said it best: Face to Face is the on-air version of a barangay hall. And says Lourd de Veyra, on his blog at Spot.ph: "This is reality televisions at its most insidiously compelling." TV5 itself has created a new genre out of the show: talakserye.

The show lives off Filipino’s everyday issues: financial debts, marital problems, broken friendships, ruined relationships, missing cellphones. And then it takes all these to another level by having the oppossing parties confront each other.

Aside from the host meddling in on the issue, psychological and spiritual counselors are present to lend a hand and settle the score. Not to mention the ever-participating audience, never shy of heckling the people involved and giving their own two cents on the issue.

We love the emotional elements coming from the show – laughter, anger, frankness, and in some cases, depression. And how glad are we when the people involved start to kiss and make up?

In the midst of a timeslot that was once brimful of talk shows but has now become an appetizer of sorts for the noontime variety shows that follow, TV5 has once again ducked the mainstream bug and decided to head a different path.

Now people have their attention: Face to Face is slowly climbing up the ratings war, recently trumping a competing talent show on its timeslot.

It has the rare distinction of catering to everyone’s taste, and the show alone could very much change the way we look at real-life confrontations. In most cases, that could be a good thing.

Face to Face airs Monday to Friday at 11am on TV5. Check out a glimpse of what the show is about below: