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Fearless Forecast 2013: Movies

Superhero movies and sci-fi flicks take us to new heights while Mr. Titanic and Jennifer Lawrence stamp their faces harder than ever on the silver screen

Feb 12, 2013
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We’ve just kicked off 2013, and the forecast for films seems to be brighter than ever with a hefty mix of commercial sequels, box-office breakers, and poignantly taut pieces of cinema. And since we’re in the mood to play pop culture fortunetellers over here at FHM HQ (for our forecast for 2013's TV click here), we’ve listed down what we feel the milieu of movies will be for the forthcoming months. Clue us in on the comments section if you think we’ve missed out anything.  

Looks like we'll still be tugging at the cape of superhero movies
The movies to see: Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World

What would the movie-consuming masses be if it weren’t for our comic book superheroes turned silver screen superstars? Powerless would probably be the best answer. With RDJ (Robert Downey Jr.) returning as Tony Stark, the angelic (have you seen his hair?) Chris Hemsworth coming back as the God of Lightning, and director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel (produced by The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan himself), it looks like superheroes will be flying high in the box-office for 2013.

Cure for zombie virus, still non-existent 
The movie to see: World War Z

Man-babe Brad Pitt’s starring role in the Max Brook’s novel adaptation was slated to come out last year. However, schedules were delayed and the movie was pushed for 2013. Society’s obsession with the undead is still as healthy as any zombie’s craving for brains (See: teen zombie love story Warm Bodies). And with the theatrical trailer of World War Z out for Netizens to consume, limping to the theaters like mindless monsters won’t be too much of a challenge.

Legendary laughs: all set to resume 

The movies to see:
Anchorman: The Legend Continues, The Hangover Part III

Get ready to have your balls aching in laughter as two laugh-out-loud faves return for more cringe-inducing mania. The wicked Will Ferrell returns as Ron Burgundy, and boy are we excited for some San Diego shenanigans. Joining the cast is Bridesmaids' lady of laugh, Kristin Wiig. Plus, the Wolf Pack returns for another drunken misadventure, only this time they go the DUI route and take things on a road trip. Light up for these ones, you’ll need the extra lungpower.

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