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Jan 3, 2014
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What is the measure of a good song? Is it mind-blowing technical guitar riffage? The explosiveness of the drum attack? Pilita Corrales-level vocal gymnastics? No. We're simpletons here. Anything that makes us want to sashay down the hall and into the dance floor, we'll give our approval to.

And 2013 hasn't been short on this sort of tunes.

Below, the songs that made us shake our shakers, pump our fists, jump up and down, and groove!

Daft Punk - "Get Lucky"


Who imagined the robots were going to make us feel like the king of the clubs this year, looking for some girl to dance to and get lucky with? Daft Punk made their return this year and came out with an awesome album including this hit.

Zedd feat. Hayley Williams - "Stay The Night"


The pretty Paramore vocalist leaves her band for a while and teams up with club music producer Zedd. The result? We still loved Hayley and listened to her when she told us to stay the night.

Baueer - "Harlem Shake"


The closest thing we ever had to 2012's "Gangnam Style," this was 2013's most sweeping dance craze.

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