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Feb 11, 2013
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When Justin Timberlake dropped his brand-new single “Suit & Tie” last month—his first in over five years—ovaries all over the world exploded in excitement. The song, a collab with hip-hop demigod Jay-Z, will be part of JT's forthcoming album, The 20/20 Experience, set for release on March 19.

But one does not need to be female to appreciate the sick, old-school R&B groove in this Timbaland-produced single. In fact, you can go ahead and count us among the shrieking chicks who will await the singer-actor’s newest album, distinct lack of ovaries notwithstanding.

And here's Reason Number One: It inspired FHM's February 2011 cover girl Misa Campo to pull out her own suit-and-tie ensemble...which she then discarded in a manner that the entire FHM boardroom would approve of. Talk about bringing sexy back.

Babe, you're a scene-stealer.

Now, when you're done wiping all that drool on the floor, join us as we take a look at Justin Timberlake’s long and illustrious career and list our favorite highlights, from singles to scandals to shameless turns on Saturday Night Live.

1. The N’Sync beginnings

While we were never a fan of N’Sync, the boy band certainly served as a source of sniggering amusement in the '90s, with their slick dance moves and coordinated outfits. Boasting frosted tips and a Michael Jackson falsetto, JT emerged as the group’s scene-stealing star early on, standing way out from his companions who were a bit too fat, or had stupid hair, or was good-looking but lacked charisma, or always seemed a little fruity.

2. The “Cry Me A River” Britney diss and Grammy win

JT’s post-breakup hit “Cry Me a River” didn’t just flash the middle finger to ex-girlfriend Britney Spears; it also won the singer—who had just gone solo at the time—his first Grammy win for “Best Male Pop Vocal Performance,” plus a nomination for “Record of the Year” in 2004. Video bonus: seeing a smug-faced Timbaland in a singing/acting cameo, which signaled the start of a long and beautiful working relationship between the two.

For more Justin Timberlake-Grammy fun, click here to check out his "Suit-and-tie" performance at the 2013 Grammy's.
3. The Janet Jackson peek-a-boob at the Super Bowl

JT and Janet’s little stunt at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, in which he "strategically" tore at the R&B star’s leather costume and bared her boob to more than 140 million viewers, cost them both big-time (they were almost banned from that year’s Grammys). But we’ve got to admit, that was some alpha male shit right there.

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