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Jan 3, 2013
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2012 was a fat year for TV.
There was the half of the last season of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead’s unbelievably-gripping half third season (somehow, cutting seasons in half was 2012’s TV trend), Boardwalk Empire’s surprisingly good season without Michael Pitt’s character, and the new era of anticipation brought by the CIA officers and terrorists of Homeland.

Suspense also ruled over television the past year, shadowing comedies with their capacity to make viewers start long, theoretic discussions over lunch, online threads, and delete spoiler-dishing "friends" from their Facebook and Twitter accounts. If a TV show can make you hate a person for expressing their excitement, then you definitely have a good series in front of you. Also, we now take this chance to inform you that there may be spoilers ahead. Please don't unfriend us on Facebook.

Here are the past year’s loudest noisemakers in TV (not counting the awesomeness that the Game of Thrones delivered because they will sweep the awards in one go—P.S. We still all hate you, King Geoffrey).

1) Best “Stupid Idea that Works” Solution Maker: Jessie Pinkman, Breaking Bad

TV characters get into the worst troubles imaginable and somehow they get past those hurdles in unbelievable successes. But before they do, characters go through unorthodox decision-making, sometimes during heated arguments. And Pinkman, in this spectacular drug-dealing, meth-wheelin' series, is an expert in blurting out solutions that eventually work, even if they sometimes sound like he thought of them after taking an atomic bong hit, or a vacuum snort of their crystal blue substance. Did “Magnets, bitch!” sounded like he had a PhD before thinking of it? No. But did it work? Hell yes.

2) Best Annoying Facial Expression: Claire Danes’ cry face, Homeland

Each time Claire Danes is about to cry, the whole world either laughs, gets annoyed, or winces in an entertaining kind of way. When Carrie Mathison (Danes) gets her cry face on, her forehead, the flesh surrounding her eyes, and her mouth crinkle like a sharpie’s neck, and it looks revolting and effective at the same time. Well, if it helps her catch terrorists dramatically, then why the hell not, right? Also, she gets another award, the “Best Effective Psychosis” with her polarities working against and for her as she does her CIA-related duties. What’s the best way to get a turned POW to admit his bad deeds? Sleep and fall in love with him. Great job, Carrie.


3) The Pangako Sa’Yo Memorial Award for Teleserye Excellence
: Walang Hanggan
In an age where we just download every TV show that your friend said was cool, one local show stood out. That show was ABS-CBN’s Walang Hanggan. It had employees scrambling to get home early to catch the juiciest teleserye we’ve seen since Jericho Rosales made his signature pa-beautiful eyes to Kristine Hermosa in Pangako Sa’Yo. Starring a litany of heavy hitters—Dawn Zulueta, Richard Gomez, Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa, Eddie Gutierrez, Coco Martin, and Melissa Ricks to name a few—the show proved to be irresistible for anyone wanting to see all these stars get embroiled in bitter love triangles, unwanted pregnancies, stolen kisses, and “accidental” plane crashes. Again, that’s just to name a few.

Screw enchanted lands, fairies, bird people, and superpowers. Walang Hanggan stuck to basics, and infused a storyline with brutal, honest drama kept at a brisk pace. We devoured it.

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