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What's the story behind your book, Idea Book?
The main driving idea is that if you write books on creativity, the books should be different by themselves. Most creativity writers tell everyone else that if you want to be successful, you should do things differently.

But all other creativity books aren't that different at all. That is hypocrisy. So I said, if I'm going to write the Idea Book it should look different, it should be designed differently, if should be sold differently, it should be marketed differently.

It's a creativity book that takes your creativity seriously. I do believe that the best ideas come when you are inspired. And that's what the Idea Book does; it inspires you.

We heard you're launching a Filipino version of the book, too.
We have done a Filipino translation, but we haven't printed it yet. The idea with the Filipino version is that we want to give it away for free to the poor and the marginalized.

Everyone says the poor in the Philippines need education and knowledge, which is fine. But I'm more interested in what happens if you give creativity to the poor. Don't give a man a fish, teach him how to fish, one story goes. But what if we teach him how to be creative, then he might come up with a better way of fishing than we know. I'm very interested in what would happen if we inspire creativity among the poor.