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Feb 11, 2014
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The former FHM Australia cover girl apparently likes to lip-sync in her lingerie. Check out the vids below!

1) Gal Gadot lip-synchs in her lacy underwear


Seriously, does she not know how sexy she is? Just what are you up to, Gal? Most people lip-synch in their normal clothes. And you just had to do it in your brasserie? You're teasing us. And we're loving how the sexy-silly thing works for you.

"Why you keep on messin' with our heads?" as the song goes.

2) Gal Gadot seductively puts on some make-up thingie


There are few things on earth we'd like to see more than Gal Gadot rolling out of bed in a thin nightie to put on some sort of cream on her face in a very, very seductive manner. This girl knows how hot she is.

3) Gal Gadot rolls around in, yet again, another lacy set of undies


She's not singing this time around, but the results are the same on our end: jaws to the floor and heart thumpin' fast.

4) Gal Gadot behind-the-scenes bikini shots


Y'all know you love bikinis on a beautiful woman, and y'all know you love looking at them like a peeping tom via a behind-the-scenes clip. Darn it, Gal, you're forcing us to release our pervy side!

5) Gal Gadot in a white shirt, just talking


She doesn't reveal a lot of skin here compared to the other videos; she simply wears a white shirt, and starts talking softly, sometimes, hugging herself. One word: hypnotic.

6) "Sexy Gal Gadot feet and socks"


Probably the oddest video of the bunch. If you've got a thing for nice feet though, Gal Gadot will keep you hot and bothered. You're welcome.

7) Gal Gadot applies that magic sexy cream again


Is that cream Gal Gadot's beauty secret? Is it some sort of magical face potion that gives her incredible beauty? We don't know, and we're too busy staring at her angelic face to investigate!

Wonder Woman! Get ready for 2016, everyone!