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Dec 17, 2014
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Who cares about five seconds of new Game Of Thrones footage? If you're a hardcore fan of HBO's medieval fantaserye, oh you certainly care.

The hit series is known for its intense fondness for teasing fans. As the fifth season looms (it arrives in April 2015), the producers of the show have released an ultra-short 10-second trailer, of which five seconds are new. They released it on the show's new website, Threeeyedraven.com, where users are required to subscribe in order to access it. The site then forwards the video via SMS, which could only be watched once, and didn't allow screenshots.

In the pantheon of teasers, this is the equivalent of a geisha giving you a little glimpse of the wrist.

Thankfully, this is the Internet, and somehow, some way, someone is going to be able to crack the code. In this case, it's Reddit user strongjoe, who has uploaded the micro-clip on YouTube:

Video via hotcross machinebun

Hat tip to Mashable for the news and the YouTube lead!