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Jul 15, 2016
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What's that? You don't watch Game Of Thrones? What's wrong with you? In today's world where we all must watch the same thing, that's like being a Filipino who says he has never eaten rice in his life. Fix your life, bro. Get it together.

Fortunately, HBO has found just the guy who'll get you to listen: Samuel L. Jackson. Yes, that mothafucking sonuvabitch, bitch. Hollywood's King Of Inappropriate Verbiage has been hired by GoT's producers to narrate the events that have transpired in Westeros. In case you haven't been paying attention, the medieval fantasy series has just concluded its sixth season. Every season has 10 episodes, with each episode running for about an hour. All in all, that's 60 hours.

And as S.L.J. would say it: "Ain't nobody got no mothafucking time for that!" Especially not Samuel L. bro, especially not Samuel L.

So he recaps the whole thing in under eight minutes the only way he knows how: awesomely, and laced with expletives.


And since we're already in the mood for Samuel L. Jackson, why not have some Samuel L. Jackson beer?