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Feb 12, 2014
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A new trailer has been released by HBO for the upcoming season of everyone's favorite dungeons-and-dragons, fantasy medieval drama (with zombies!) series, Game Of Thrones.

The fourth season of the George R.R. Martin TV adaptation continues the epic power struggle between royal families, dark brotherhoods, secret factions, dragon ladies, dwarves, and snow zombies. It will premiere in the Philippines on April 13, 10 p.m. on HBO and HBO HD, with new episodes every Thursday.

That's exactly two months and a day from now. And for true fans of the series, that's two months and a day too long. 

To temporarily appease our soul's yearning for G.O.T., this HBO super-preview—a 15-minute clip featuring interviews with the actors and actresses—will just have to do:


For the bad part: now we want to see the new season, which is based on the second half of the series' third book, A Storm Of Swords, even more. Seeing that we have little to do before the new season premieres, we've gone ahead and picked apart the trailer you just saw.

Here we've come up with our favorite quotes from our favorite G.O.T. actors from the clip:

The Hound, whom we all had previously thought as a cold-hearted thug, on what he thought of Season 3's heartbreaking "Red Wedding": "I actually shed a tear then. All the performances were extraordinary."

Brienne of Tarth
, who's one of the toughest ladies in the show, laughs about the weirdest thing that's she's ever done for Season 4: "The most weird thing I've had to do this season is to bite off a man's ear and spit it in his face."

And then she laughs maniacally:

The beautiful Margaery Tyrell on her wedding with Joffrey that boasts production levels that real-life brides would envy: "I would find it very hard that I would have a wedding ceremony replicated like that in my career."

The bastard Joffrey on Joffrey: "It's the best one to play such a hate-inspiring character. Just to get the reaction out of someone is very satisfying. It's nice to make people hate you."

The handless one, Jamie Lannister, on Joffrey: "Joffrey is clearly the last person on Earth you would want to have any kind of power."

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