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Dec 11, 2014
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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 happened a week ago, December 3, 2014. The U.S. telecast premiered yesterday.

We've seen it, and it was glorious. How glorious? We'll let these photos below do the talking in a feature we'd like to call "The Times We Fell In Love While Watching The VS Fashion Show 2014"!

1) Whenever they winked at us.

Okay, you too, Ariana.

2) Whenever they gave us a taste of "The Smolder."

3) Whenever they turned down the fierceness and offered a little smile...

4) ...which sometimes gave way to bigger smiles.

4) When these two Brazilian bombshells absolutely blew us away.

5) Actually, Brazilian or otherwise, we were still blown away pretty much, always.

Take it away, Taylor!

We can't wait for next year's batch, or better yet, FHM's 100 Sexiest 2015!

Shake it off, girls!

Watch the show on CBS's YouTube channel.