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Oct 28, 2014
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After fifteen years and 700 chapters, millions of Naruto fans are about to cry rivers in less than two weeks. Last October 6, Naruto publishers, Asahi Shimbun, announced that the  manga--one of the most popular in recent history--is ending on November 10. (#FvckOurLife #ThisIsNotOkay)

Created by Masashi Kishimoto and published by Shueisha in September 1999, the Naruto series took the world by storm. In the Philippines, the series became a pop culture sensation, spawning cheap-ass merchandises in Divisoria and hordes of Naruto cosplayers. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that FHM Nation's fave ramen-eating, loudmouth ninja will be saying goodbye.

And now we’re about to make it worse. Join us, anime ninja lovers of the world, as we book a flight to the Feel-ippines and count down the top 10 things we’ll miss once Naruto conjures his final Rasengan!

10. Cleavages That Defy The Laws of Physics

Admit it, aside from the fight scenes and the plot, we all read Naruto for two other reasons: Tsunade and Mei Terumi. These female shinobis were the reasons why you get shino-boners when their glorious boobs appear in a panel. We've got evidence:

And video evidence!

Video via PS3SuperXSayian360

Video via PS3SuperXSayian360

And our reaction every time we saw panels dedicated to these ladies:

9. Raping The Refresh Button

 Your Wednesday or Friday afternoons at school or at the office probably sound like this:

"Dude, Wednesday na. May bagong Naruto chapter na ba?"

"Dude, wala pa! Bad trip!"

"Dude, refresh mo lang baka meron na!"

(Repeat dialogue after 30 minutes)

We'll probably find another manga to rape our browser's refresh button with, but it’s just not the same without seeing the blonde hair ninja again.

"Nasa ilalim kaya ng malaking bato na 'to ang bagong Naruto chapter?"

NEXT: What's going to happen to our Naruto-fueled LSS now?!