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Dec 29, 2011
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Grand Theft Auto III
, controversies and all, is one of the most influential games in the past decade. Its release in 2001 was definitely a turning point for the industry. Prior to its debut, there weren’t a lot of games notable for letting you, well, do whatever you want. Games were, to put it simply, straightforward affairs where you progressed from point A to B, defeated the occasional boss, and eventually, rescued the quintessential princess. Yes, those were fantastic times too, but GTA III proved that linear progress wasn’t the only avenue where gamers could feel a sense of satisfaction.

GTA III proved that it’s satisfying too to steal cars, run around like a maniac with flaming molotovs, or simply explore a city, indulge in its sights and sounds, while occasionally starting random fights with passers-by. It didn’t tell you to just go finish a level, and just save the freaking world or damsel-in-distress already. You could do that, of course, but no other game before it let you feel like the world—fictional though it may be—is yours to discover or totally ravage. True, there had been other games that gave us a taste of this open-world game play, but GTA III had the biggest impact in the industry, by sheer volume of sales alone.

Today, 10 years after its debut, GTA III has been re-released for the iPhone, and to celebrate that, we’ve put here a list of some of the best things that the game let us do.

1) Hunting for sports cars

It’s not called Grand Theft Auto for nothing. There are a lot of cars in GTA III, but like in real life, not all of them are created equal. There are slow ones, fast ones, big ones, small ones, and then there are those which we’d love to steal in real life, if only real life didn’t throw you into prison for doing such. Fortunately, GTA III isn’t real life so we’re free to jack all the game’s equivalent of Lambo’s and Ferrari’s.  

2) The domino effect

These cars blow up really well too. And if you can steal enough of them, and line them up together tightly, you can do this nice little trick, where you blow up one, and the resulting explosion sets off the other cars. Happy New Year, GTA-style!

3) Tank rampage


As we’ve seen in some episode of some TV show about hilarious cop chases, sometimes real people go crazy and decide to go on a leisurely drive aboard a tank. That’s not cool. If you’re feeling such an urge, just do it in GTA III. Increase your wanted level, and soon enough, the army will show up, tanks and all, one of which you’ll hopefully be able to steal. We trust you know what to do next.

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