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Dec 13, 2013
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Christmas time comes with the constant playing of the usual Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey holiday hits from your neighbor’s door to the farthest place you can imagine. Like your godchildren expecting gifts, those songs are inescapable. To counter-act this yuletide pop tradition, here are some heavy metal songs to inject onto your Christmas playlist. Make your folks and friends imagine how metal heads celebrate Christmas, and make sure tons of liquor is around!

Rock out with your cocks out, fellas! And have a merry metal Christmas!

1) Alice Cooper – "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"


Alice Cooper’s version of this holiday classic almost makes it seem like Santa Claus is some sort of a demonic force, with red eyes staring at your naughty self. While listening to the angry, barging riffs, imagine Santa filling your Christmas stocking with spiders and this thought: “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.”

2) KoRn – "Jingle Bells"


Everyone goes out their way to make Christmas special, and Jonathan Davis and the rest of KoRn left their nu metal roots for a death metal version of this 19th century classic. The band presented deep, bellowing growls that come with heavy instrumentalism in shiny, glittery wrap as a very unusual gift for those who wish to make the holidays a little twisted.                                 

3) Amarna Reign – "Black Christmas"


“This is gonna be the best Christmas ever” a boy squeaks before riffs that sound like “Deck The Halls” come in. Like what the title suggests, listening to this song will make you think that this season’s colors should be black, or at least imagine that the red stands for blood.                           

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