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Mar 26, 2015
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We've grown accustomed to Sylvester Stallone laying the smackdown on his enemies in testosterone-fests that are his movies. For example:

sylvester stalloneGIF via Imgarcade.com

Lost in all the burning carnage, rippling pecs, and smoldering remains of his once-proud-and-now-riddled-with-holes victims though is one question that we've been thinking about but are too afraid to ask because we believe our math skills aren't up to snuff: How many people has Sly killed in his movies?

Reminds us of the time we asked the same question for Arnold Schwarzenegger, which ended in disappoi... OH, WAIT, WE GOT THE ANSWER FOR THAT!

And, yes, we believe we have the figure to put this issue to rest as well!

But before we get to the actor's kill count, for the sake of those who don't know the guy (where have you been?), let's have a little refresher. Stallone is an American actor known worldwide for his roles in action movies. The now 68-year-old Hollywood superstar has been acting since the '70s and is best known, perhaps, for his role as Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series and John Rambo in the Rambo franchise.

He's also popular for his unique voice which can be described as a mixture of deep, lazy, and almost inaudiblea big reason why it has been parodied many times:

Video via otis1977

His legendary status though is a result of scenes like these:

sylvester stallone

sylvester stallone

sylvester stallone

sylvester stallone

sylvester stallone

sylvester stallone

Back to the topic at hand, Sly's kill count currently stands at....just watch the awesome video below made by Auralnauts for the answer; we're sure you'll enjoy it:

Video via Auralnauts

At 539, Stallone edges Schwarzenegger (509) in the body bag count, and with the way Sly's still going at it even at his age, we're pretty sure his in-movie kills will continue to rise. Seven hundred, anyone?