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May 15, 2016
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Calling the ‘90s the “last great decade” is by no means a hyperbole, nor is it a snobbish proclamation of Gen X’ers who have failed to move past the days of their prime.

Calling the ‘90s the “last great decade” is simply the truth. You see, the '90s gave us Stone Cold Steve Austin and D’ Generation X. And if those weren't enough, it also presented us with Kimberly (aka the Pink Ranger), Alex Mack (Larissa Oleynik), Baby Spice, Ginger Spice, and Sporty Spice (the '90s can have the other two back), among others. And even though that decade haunts us to this day with long lost photos of our Kempee hairstyles, it also left us with arguably the best 10 years in OPM’s long history.

So if you consider yourself a product of this remarkable decade, we urge you to dive into our little challenge. Take the quiz and see just how well you know the soundtrack of the ‘90s.