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Aug 7, 2013
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The kids who absolutely hated it when their lolos would take over the sole TV set of the house and switched the channel to TV Patrol are now all grown up, and are probably enjoying this HBO show called The Newsroom.

One would wonder how you can make a show about a news show intensely entertaining, but the series created by Aaron Sorkin of Social Network fame has done just that. Training the camera on what happens behind the scenes, and beyond the actual broadcast shown on TV sets, the fast-talking series has become one of the smartest and most entertaining shows around this side of Game Of Thrones.   

It follows a high-rated cable-news program, “News Night,” at the fictional Atlantis Cable News Network and their mission to deliver the news well in the face of a fickle audience. At the top of the heap is Jeff Daniels as the firm, heady anchor, Will McAvoy, who longs for the golden age of news broadcasting.

His principled and opinionated take on why America isn’t actually the greatest country in the world had us immediately hooked in the first season. Watch it here:


The nine-episode second season premiered this week, August 5, 9 p.m., with new episodes coming every Monday. Along with Will, the strong cast returns featuring Mackenzie McHale, who’s Will’s ex and executive producer; the news junkie Jim Harper, who coincidentally looks like Jim from The Office; Maggie Jordan, the young scrappy PA whom we believe will eventually reach her potential and report great things; Don Keefer, the former executive producer of "News Night," and current boyfriend of Maggie; and of course, Sloan Sabbith, a financial reporter played by Olivia Munn.

The season covers the period from August 2011 to November 2012, and will have “News Night” covering real-life events such as Occupy Wall Street and the Obama administration’s anti-terrorism policy, all while trying not to blow itself up with the overall volatility of the newsmen and newswomen involved.

For those who want smart TV with the kind of juicy “serious-professionals-have-feelings-too” type of drama, the second season of The Newsroom is one to check out. Watch HBO's official Season 1 recap here to get yourself up to speed.

For less impressive reports though, on the next page are videos of men and women that try to deliver the news but deliver a boatload of laughter instead. Go there now!

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