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Nov 20, 2013
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Obviously, the big boxing thing happening this week is the fight between our country's pride Manny Pacquiao and that younger mustang, Brandon Rios. The intensity has been rising as fight night nears, with Freddie Roach and Brandon's camp already getting it on. Nauna na po ang mga trainers magsapukan, mga kaibigan!

The big Macau bout, however, isn't the only event that boxing fans ought to look out for this Sunday. On November 24, HBO premieres an original movie about one of boxing's most misunderstood sons: the legendary Mike Tyson.

Directed by an equally legendary director (and legendary—albeit a bit annoying—New York Knicks fan), Spike Lee, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth delves into the life of Iron Mike and attempts to sift fact from fiction. The former knockout king hadn't been a stranger to controversy since he stepped into the public spotlight. Ever since the start of his career, headline-grabbing stories have always been around the man. This new docu reveals which stories were real—as told by Iron Mike himself!

The Mike that we know now is the one with the odd face tattoo, who once constantly got in trouble with the law, who bit Holyfield's ear, and above all, whose tiger got kidnapped by those Hangover guys. In Undisputed Truth, the Mike you'll see is raw, honest, powerful, and full of humor, as he recounts his life’s highs and lows in his signature candid style.  He opens up about his troubled youth, his landmark boxing career, the key people in his life, the controversies he got embroiled in, his time in prison, his self-examination, his family, and his multiple "new beginnings."


For all his victories and shortcomings though, there's one thing about Tyson that we can all approve of: his skull-crushing knockouts.

In his prime, Mike Tyson could probably punch an opponent's head off. With a stocky build that was able to explode with an incredible amount of ferocity and power, the man was nothing short of a beast inside the ring. We recount below his devastating form with some of his best demolition jobs!

First, a patikim showing Tyson explosively pounding on a heavy bag:


Click on the next page for Mike destroying actual people.

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