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Jan 15, 2014
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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan--the special operative badass from '90s action thrillers such as The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear And Present Danger--has come back from the grave. Formerly played by actors Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck in the 2002 reboot Sum Of All Fears, Ryan returns to action in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with Star Trek star, Chris Pine in the titular role. 

Set in the present, a young Jack Ryan unwittingly uncovers what he believes is a financial terrorist plot to collapse the United States economy. Still green behind the ears as an analyst in the Financial Intelligence Unit f the modern CIA, Ryan is no James Bond in the beginning. But when he finds himself mired deep into the situation, he must adapt and become an effective spy--not just to save the country but to save his life and the life of those around him including his fiancee Cathy. 


For fans of action conspiracy thrillers of global proportions, this Jack Ryan reboot of a once-huge franchise from the '90s is a must-watch.

Speaking of the '90s, Jack Ryan wasn't the only operative trained in the field of gung-ho, bahala-na-si Batman tactics. That decade was full of action heroes that know when the time for talk is over and when the time to just bust the doors open with guns ablazing begins. Below, the list of the most badass men of action!

Bruce Willis


Identifying marks: Bald, likes to wear white tank tops, and screams "Yippee-ki-yay" when things are about to blow up. 

Important Life Lesson For The Aspiring Man-Of-Action: "Kahit anong sugat pa ang matamo mo sa buhay, kay Bruce Willis, galos lang yan." 

Steven Seagal


Identifying marks: Fond of black jackets, has a gorgeous ponytail, and loves the sound of cracking bones. 

Important Life Lesson For The Aspiring Man-Of-Action: "Kung galit ka sa isang tao, huwag mong suntukin; balian mo ng buto." 

Arnold Schwarzenegger



Identifying marks: Has an accent from another epoch, is rumored to be man-killing robot, now involved in important things like politics

Important Life Lesson For The Aspiring Man Of Action: "Talk is cheap. Really big biceps are forever."

Jean Claude Van Damme


Identifying marks: Has a demeanor and body ready for MMA, and a crotch engineered for epic splits between two huge trucks. 

Important Life Lesson For The Aspring Man Of Action: "Real men do splits. And settle their arguments in underground fighting tournaments."

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