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Apr 24, 2015
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Who here doesn't love Korean girl groups? Them of such innocent, cutesy looks and on fleek K-Pop swag. These living dolls can do nothing wrong—or so we thought.

Girl group Dal Shabet's (which means "sweet sherbet," in case you’re wondering) music video for their new single, “Joker,” earned the ire of authorities and was consequently banned from Korean airwaves.

Why? Did it not pass the K-Pop cuteness standard?

Maybe it needed more solo shots from this member?

Or was it just too sexy for public viewing?

None of the above, actually. According to reports, the song "Joker" and its video was pulled out by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), Korea's largest broadcaster, because of certain sexual references and innuendos in its lyrics—especially the repetition of the word "joker."

What's so wrong with "joker"? Apparently, the word is pronounced as "Joh-Kuh" in Korean and "Joh" sounds similar to a Korean curse word that refers to male genitalia. The Korean word "kuh," meanwhile, means "big." Add them together and you get...

'I see what you did there'

To make things worse/even more dirty, there's a line in the song that goes: "Joker, I want it, I am out of breath, baby, good night."

The video's dance choreography isn't helping either:

Want more of these naughty Koreans? Check out the full video below:

Video via HappyFace Entertainment YouTube channel