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AXN, Tuesdays 10PM
One rainy morning in New York, the 15-year-old son of a wealthy Upper East Side family is, you guessed it, kidnapped. And just like here in the Philippines, his parents suspect that anyone—a stranger, relative, or even the doughnut-loving police—may be behind it. And so Conrad Cain, the kid’s dad, organizes his own investigation outside the FBI’s by enlisting the services of a private investigator that suspiciously looks like that crazy dude in Six Feet Under.

But why does Cain want his own investigation? Apparently, he wants his skeletons to stay where they as well as “soft” men in denial belong: in the closet. And the FBI team, led by special agent Latimer King, may be on their way to discovering the rich man’s secrets—shady business deals, a mistress, a toupee, heck, even a sex change in his younger years, who knows?

Unfortunately and ironically, King has classified info about himself, too. Turns out he’s connected to the culprit suspected of orchestrating the crime. Hypocrite!