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Apr 19, 2015
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Remember when 4 Pics 1 Word and 2048 kept your fingers (and your competitive spirit) busy? Get ready to feel that all over again. Fellow game addicts, we introduce you to the newest puzzle sensation, Kuku Kube!

Kuku, what?!

Kuku Kube is a simple color game where all you need to do is spot the squares which have a slightly different color shade in one minute. Sounds easy? Let's find out.

Just like we told you, the game starts with four boxes with three squares having the same color and one which has a faintly lighter shade. You click on the square that's different from the others. If you're having trouble spotting the non-matching square early on this round, you might need to go visit an eye doctor. Well, that, or you're on meds!

Once you click on the correct box, you immediately proceed to the next stage, now with more squares.

As the game progresses, the squares multiply and the colors get a little trippy!

If you can still focus your eyes and can still hold up your color nausea before you begin puking rainbows, watch us take on the Kuku Kube color challenge on the video below:

Think you can outplay us? Then click here and start playing Kuku Kube now!